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Plauti Data Quality Solutions for Salesforce

I really like the flexibility of Duplicate Check. It gives us exactly what we need in identifying and merging duplicates, without having to build, test and maintain a large code base.
Anuj Kapoor
Senior Project Director

Personalize with clean data

The retail industry is in constant change. Your brick and mortar stores need to be rebuilt into experience centers while your online presence needs to be quick, secure, and straightforward. On top of that, customers have exceedingly higher expectations of you and are quick to share negative experiences online. New competition is developing each day.

Customers that feel valued and recognized come back for their next purchase. Personalizing their experience, both online and offline, is key to customer retention.

For your customer experience, data should be clean and healthy. So whenever your customer shops online or visits a store, they get to see the correct suggestions or recent purchases.
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Improve marketing & sales effectiveness

Reduce failed deliveries in both email and post by up to 70%. Duplicates make up for 20% of your contacts, merge them and profit from a true customer 360 view, better reporting and opportunity assignment.

Increase CRM adoption

Dirty data is one of the main reasons for failed CRM initiatives (Gartner, 2011). Use our suite to continuously improve your data. Enable your users to contribute to cleaner data without interfering in their daily jobs.

Offer the best customer experience

Customers expect a seamless experience across all your channels. Although customers nowadays encounter less friction when buying, the number of complaints is higher. This means you have to raise the bar. A single customer view is not only paramount for you, it is for your customers as well.

Comply with regulations

Individuals have the right to access, erase and restrict processing of their data. To ensure a good follow up to these requests you need a single customer view.

Solving the high volume duplicate challenge of Education First

How Duplicate Check helped Education First

EF generates tens of thousands of leads per month across different markets. Learn how EF Education First deduplicates thousands of leads each day by leveraging the automated and manual capabilities of Duplicate Check.

Why choose Plauti?

100% Native

Flexible, extensible & developer friendly

Easy to implement

Made for Large Data Volumes (LDV)


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