Data quality webinars

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To make sure you get the most value from your data and improve your data quality skills, we have organized a series of webinars for you.

Each month we will host an introduction to Data Quality in Salesforce with Plauti session, showcasing the capabilities and use cases of Duplicate Check and Record Validation. Another recurring webinar is the 'Ask the experts' session. In addition, we will highlight a specific use case for our solutions each month.

Upcoming webinars
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8 July 2021 - Data Management in Salesforce for Insurance companies
Empower your agents, brokers, and reps with a 360 view of the policyholder. Provide your policyholders with a unified insurance experience.

Recent webinar videos

23 September 2020 - How to use Duplicate Check Flow Actions
Learn how to integrate Duplicate Check into your processes with our Flow Actions. Find, merge and convert duplicates or add them to a job.

14 October 2020 - Batch cleaning & validating your Salesforce data 
Run jobs to deduplicate, validate and format your entire database.

21 October 2020 - Prevent bad data in Salesforce
Learn how to automatically process or list new duplicate or incorrect records entered through API, import, web to lead or manually.

11 November 2020 - How to build scenarios for Duplicate Check 
Build the perfect scenario to find all duplicates (and with only few false positives).

26 November 2020 - Introductie datakwaliteit in Salesforce (Nederlandstalig webinar)
Schrijf je in voor deze webinar en we laten je zien hoe je handmatig en automatisch je datakwaliteit in Salesforce verbetert door je data te ontdubbelen, formatteren en valideren.

2 December 2020 - Intro to Data Quality in Salesforce with Plauti 
Learn how to deduplicate, format and validate existing and new records - in batch, manually and automatically.

9 December 2020 - Custom Development with Plauti solutions 
Learn how to leverage our API, Apex plugins and Flow elements to integrate our solutions into your custom processes.

3 February 2021 - Duplicate Check Product Update - Deduplication ROI Insights…and more

-How to use the new DC Analytics Dashboard
-How to leverage the new Lightning Web Components pages
-How to use the URL addressable entry page

15 April 2020 - Data Management for Non-Profits
Create a seamless donor and volunteer journey...and save time in the process.

6 May - Data Management for Sports & Entertainment
Learn how Chicago Fire FC manages their data to generate a 250% engagement improvement for their fans

11 May - Record Validation Auto Validate (Product Update & Demo)
This unique Auto Validate feature will:
-Save you time validating records
-Make you go from fixing to preventing non-validated records

20 May - Data Quality Challenges and Solutions for Healthcare & Pharma

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