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Start creating data happiness with Duplicate Check and Record Validation


Our mission

Plauti B.V. is a Dutch company founded in 2011. Our mission is to help other companies achieve data happiness. Data happiness can be achieved by making all employees whithin a company feel responsible for the quality of their data. The tools Plauti created are easy-to-use and created in such a way that everybody is able to work with them.

What does Duplicate Check do?

These are our most important solutions
Duplicate Check helps you find, prevent and merge duplicate records in your Salesforce organization.

What does Record validation do?

Validate records right at the point of entry and in batch
Validate and format addresses, phone numbers and email addresses from within Salesforce

Combine our solutions and create Data Happiness

Get the best of both worlds and combine our data solutions. With both solutions installed, you can validate records at the point of entry and get an alert when the record you want to enter already exists in your database. This way, you are certain that the records you entered are both validated and duplicate-free. The best way to guarantee Data Happiness for your organization.