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Plauti Data Quality Solutions for Salesforce


Marketing is about building relationships. Consumers and decision makers are more demanding than ever, so even a tiny slip up will set you back in establishing that trust. 

More and more marketing is automated. You can only send the right message at the right time when relying on the highest quality data.

Plauti cleans your data to make sure your audience can trust you.
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Improve Trust

Consumers and decision makers are more demanding than ever. In addition, they will more readily share their experiences online than before. This sets a high bar for organizations to deliver the right message at the right time. Getting a message twice or with the wrong personal data is certainly a big no. This task is made even more complex by todays multichannel environment.

Having a 360 customer view based on high quality data wil make sure you don't miss the mark.

Protect your Sender Reputation

Email is the most effective marketing channel, therefore it should be treated very carefully. Just emailing to all addresses in your database is a sure way to jeopardize your sender reputation and erode the trust of your recipients.

By leveraging our solutions you protect your sender reputation, decrease bounce rates and allow for more finely-tuned targetting.

Make the right decisions

Poor quality data equals poor decisions. Imagine calculating campaign ROI based on duplicate leads or reporting on number of leads without validating their email address.

With our solutions you can trust your data and make the right decisions on how to deploy your marketing efforts.
I really like the flexibility of Duplicate Check. It gives us exactly what we need in identifying and merging duplicates, without having to build, test and maintain a large code base.
Anuj Kapoor
Senior Project Director

Solving the high volume duplicate challenge of Education First

How Duplicate Check helped Education First

EF generates tens of thousands of leads per month across different markets. Learn how EF Education First deduplicates thousands of leads each day by leveraging the automated and manual capabilities of Duplicate Check.

Why choose Plauti?

100% Native

Flexible, extensible and developer friendly

Easy to implement

Made for Large Data Volumes (LDV)


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