Döstädning, a clean trend

January 30, 2018
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Döstädning, the word for ‘death cleaning’ in the Swedish philosophy.
It is a fact that we are collecting stuff our entire life, and force our loved ones to deal with it after passing away.

A trend nowadays is ‘Swedish Death Cleaning’. This means cleaning up while you are still alive. This kind of cleaning is a big interior hype nowadays. 
"Death cleaning is not about dusting or mopping up" says Margareta Magnusson, the author of  The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.
"It is about a permanent form of organisation that makes your everyday life run more smoothly".
 Another statement of Magnusson is, that death cleaning is the story of life: the good and the bad memories.

You have to keep the good ones, and throw away the bad ones.

This way of thinking is also applicable in the data management philosophy. Duplicate Check will help to get rid of bad records, and keep the good ones. This will help all the users in the Salesforce environment, to be up-to-date with the best usable data without duplicates.

Data quality will improve the business performance. Therefore, we recommend not just to prevent and merge duplicate records, but also to validate the information in Salesforce. Our new service Record Validation will validate the records in your Salesforce environment. For example; Record Validation analyzes phone numbers and addresses. After the analyzation, addresses are validated and checked for the right format. This format can be set to your personal preferences. Fewer errors in your Salesforce mean lower costs, and better decisions.

When using clean and valid data in your organization, it will help to achieve the organization’s goals. 
Less errors in your Salesforce, less drama in your organization!

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