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August 30, 2017
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It has happened, the holiday season has ended. No more lying by the pool with a cocktail in your hands, no more long nights at the bar and no more quiet days at the office. People are back, and everything is back to full speed. Orders are coming in, questions need to be answered, and the big bosses need the latest quarterly reports again.

Start fresh and clean
My advice for starting again is simple: Start fresh and clean. You were out of the office for a while, allowing yourself to recharge and unwind. Now that you’re back, you start working with a clear mind, a clean desk and fresh, new feeling. Don’t limit yourself and start creating that fresh feeling everywhere in the office.

1.    Clean up
As mentioned before, in the blog by Lisa, the Summer months are perfect for cleaning up. Clean your desk, get rid of papers you never need again and finally throw away those candies that have been in that jar since Christmas. This gives you a clean and refreshed feeling. While you’re at it, start cleaning your database as well. Install an app that can find and merge duplicate records (such as Duplicate Check) and enjoy working with a clean, duplicate-free database.

2.    Review your targets
Every department has goals they want to, or need to reach. Usually, targets are set at the beginning of the year, but developments in the office, the economy or personal situations, these objectives might change. Because you are halfway the year already, it is time to review the objectives. Can they still be reached now that you only have four months left? Did you already reach some of the targets or are some simply not going to be reached at all? This helps you get towards the end of the year with a clear view.

3.    Get organized
As mentioned before, most of 2017 is already behind you. From now on, you only have about four months left before the new year is here. To make sure you don’t stress out at the end of the year, get organized and start creating a planning for the months to come. Don’t forget days such as Thanksgiving or Labor Day. These holidays are fun but make your weeks a lot shorter. Create a schedule for yourself or the entire department in which you briefly sum up what needs to be done, set the deadlines and even mark how many people are enjoying an extra day off after Thanksgiving. This will help you keep control and more insights.

4.    Don’t forget to enjoy your job
Now that most people are back from their vacations and life is back to normal don’t forget the most important lesson you learned from your time off: Enjoy!
Working hard is great, but don’t forget to stop and breathe now and then. Spend time with your family or loved ones, take a short walk during your lunch break and appreciate the sun on your skin and the wind in your face. Those small moments of unwinding help you get through a busy day. The most important part? Enjoy your job! Of course, a day off is great, but you probably also appreciate that you have a job and can provide for yourself or your family. Be grateful that you can work and enjoy the fun you have with your colleagues at the coffee machine. And don’t worry, only 116 days until Christmas Eve.

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