Data Quality Season

July 26, 2017
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The silly season traditionally means that everything is a little slower. There are fewer sales because your customers are celebrating the summer on a nice beach, colleagues don’t reply because they are out of office and the overall vibe in the office is more relaxed and slow.

Don’t make the mistake thinking that silly season is a time to be bored. In fact, these are the weeks to be very productive. These times are perfect for some cleaning. Clean your desk and get rid of all the paperwork you no longer need. Clean out the office fridge and wash up those jars that are always filled with candy.

When cleaning the office and your desk, don’t forget to clean your Salesforce as well. With Duplicate Check installed, you can search for duplicate data and merge the duplicate records. Our free version allows you to do just that, but if you need more, check out our pricing page to discover the additional features we offer that help you clean your data a lot quicker or even automatically.


We understand these days ask for a little inspiration to help you get started. Lucky for you, we have a lot of inspiration to offer you. To learn more about how to set up a plan for structural data management, read our Ebook about Data Happiness. If you would like to learn how others before you handled their duplicate data, download our customer cases. If you are new to our data solution and would like to learn more about how it works, schedule a free demo session.

Good luck getting your data cleaned up this Summer!

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