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April 06, 2017
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In the last year, our team worked hard on rebuilding Duplicate Check to use the Salesforce Lightning design completely.

Our goal was to create a seamless experience between your Salesforce environment and Duplicate Check - whether you're using the Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic. We rolled out our redesigned pages during the year and it is now time to bring our bigger update - the redesign of the DC Setup page. Not only did we improve the design. We took the challenge to make the setup much more intuitive and added a few interesting features that are soon (from April 13) ready to be used.

Lightning Design

By using the Lightning Design, Duplicate Check is easily accessible on all devices. The Lightning Design loads faster and is responsive.  In addition, it allowed us to structure the data that we want to show the same way that Salesforce does.


Using Lightning Design makes it that Duplicate Check is a part of Salesforce - a seamless integration

Dennis Wichelo, developer

Additional features

Redesigning the DC Setup page allowed us to add additional features. For example, DC Home. DC Home is basically an overview page that shows you your configuration for the entire app at a glance. See if you have enabled any duplicate prevention features for your object, how many batch jobs you have scheduled and if your record count does not exceed your license limit.

What else is new?

  • Create your own sandbox licenses from your license page  
  • Setup Check - run the setup check to automatically resolve error messages
  • Show API names besides field labels

More intuitive

Using the feedback from our users, we made the DC Setup more intuitive on a few levels. We moved a few things around, created new names for our matching methods and have placed info icons at relevant places. Now, whenever something isn't clear, easily access the info icon and get useful information right where you need it.



We will push the update on the 13th of April automatically to all our users. The update will not change anything in your current configuration. Want to find out more about the new update? Join us for the free webinar on April 12. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to We'd be happy to answer any questions.

Ruben van de Kamp
Head of Support

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