4 resolutions for your data

January 11, 2017
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We all know them, the most common New Years resolutions: 'Lose weight', 'eat healthier', 'quit smoking' or 'making better financial decisions'. While everybody is working on these resolutions, there is one thing that is often forgotten: The workplace.

The workplace is a place where many people spend most of their time. People with a fulltime job even spend more time at work than at home! To get the best out of yourself, your workplace should be motivational and inspiring. Even more important is that your workplace makes it easy for you to do your job. This not only goes for the physical workplace (like your desk or office), but also for the systems and tools you have to work with. Therefore, these are some resolutions to make your workplace work best for you.

  1. Have a Spring cleaning in Winter - Every Spring, people start feeling the need to clean up. Why wait that long? Start cleaning up your desk, throw away papers that you don't need and get rid of the thousands of business cards you have. While cleaning your workplace, don't forget to clean the virtual workplace as well. Your systems, tools and documents can benefit from a big clean-up as well. Outdated documents about projects that never happened can be deleted. Make sure your tools and apps are working on the latest editions and get rid of outdated, old or duplicate data in your CRM system.

  2. Make better financial decisions - Making better financial decisions is one of the most well known resolutions. But why only apply this to your personal enivronment? Isn't it very beneficial for your company to make better financial decisions as well? In order to make those decisions, it is important that reporting, analyses and overall data is realiable. This can be achieved by cleaning your database from duplicate records and by making sure the data is complete and updated.

  3. Get more organized - We have all found ourselves is this situation: a calendar stuffed with meetings and appointments, a to-do list that just keeps on growing and no idea where you left all the notes to be prepared for the meetings and jobs you need to do. Make 2017 the year in which this all changes. Take a slow day to get it together. Start reading for what meetings you are invited and be critical about it: Do you really need to be there or can you spend that hour much better? Do the same for your to-do list: Do you really need to do everything yourself? Or can you delegate some of it to your colleague or that new intern? Start being cricital about your data in the same way. Is all the information in there really necessary or is there a lot of information that you are not going to need? Is your data unique or are there many duplicate records? And of course, would it work better if your data is much better organized in general? Maybe start creating some campaigns so it is a lot eaiser to find the right customers.

  4. Make a plan stay commited - It is only human to need a little external motivation. Besides only making a plan of action, don't forget to also make a plan of motivation. Discuss with your colleagues what steps need to be taken and how to reward yourself and your team when the steps are completed. This can vary from a piece of chocolate cake to playing a game of Fifa on the Xbox when you're done.

Working in a clean, organized environment will make it a lot easier to stick to your plans. Need more inspiration about how to make sure your database is clean? Download our Ebook to learn how you can achieve Data Happiness. Continue to read other blogposts or try a free trial of Duplicate Check to see how the application makes it easier for you to create a clean database and to keep it clean.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

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