Getting back from the holidays

August 31, 2016
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The holidays are coming to an end. While most of you will probably already be working again, I’m sure a few of your colleges still enjoying their time off.

Nevertheless, sooner or later we all have to get back to business and go back to our normal life’s. So how exactly do you go back to spending your day at the office? There are a few things which I pay extra attention to in the first week.

  1. Workstation

What does your current workstation look like? If it currently looks like a tornado has passed by, you might want to consider tackling that first. A messy desk makes it difficult to retrieve paperwork or other materials you need for your work. The same goes for your database. Others should be able to use your data in an efficient way to do their work. Everything should be in a single format and duplicate free. Nobody wants to look at a messy desk or work with a dirty database.

  1. Meetings

Without a doubt your agenda will already be filled to the top with pesky meetings and appointments. While they can be dull and distracting you from your work, they can also be useful to get back up to date again and see what your co-workers have been up to. Be sure your agenda is in order and there is no confusion on who, what and where. Not only is it a waste of time if you are waiting on somebody who is not going to show up, but it is also unprofessional and bluntly said dumb. Make sure your agenda is on point, just like your working station.

  1. Goal

Looking back at your previous accomplishments helps you determine whether your reached your goals and what you would like to do differently. It is important to keep challenging yourself to reach new heights. It is easier to do so after you had time to calm down and relax, then while you are in the middle of a big project and have multiple deadlines to keep track of. Make sure it is doable and you have the rights tool at your disposal.

These three points will make it a whole lot easier getting back to work in your first week. If you managed to meet all these points, but your database is lacking behind, you might want to consider giving Duplicate Check a try. We will make sure your data management is just as easy as falling asleep on the beach.

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