Why data quality is not an administrator task

May 04, 2016
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As founder of Duplicate Check for Salesforce I often talk to Salesforce Administrators, Sales Operators or in general: people who help the Marketing and Sales teams to do their job properly.

In many cases they have created al kinds of workarounds, limitations and processes to make sure the data stays correct and everybody can do their job.

I often ask myself, when such a case is presented to me again, why is this happening and why is the administrator always the data owner and responsible? To be really honest; I don’t know. But what I do know is that I find it very strange and there are several reasons as we are told.


1)    Territory Management.

Yes. Your sales people are eager and willing to sell their colleague just to earn a couple of bucks extra. Because of this many sales teams have tightened their access and the sales person can only see his own records. Only administrators can see the big picture and therefore do the data quality activities.

2)    Data Quality is for Nerds

Yes. Merging records, finding duplicates, this is normally done on the backbone of any CRM application. Not really user friendly and you need skilled people to do this.

3)    User Adoption

Don’t want to generalize, but sales people hate systems. They only want to use a CRM tool when the deal is closed and they need to collect their bonus. Because of this, and because we don’t want to ruin their precious time, we have created processes, workarounds and hired sales operators to do that work for them. Very convenient for them, but do they really know their customer?

4)    Time consuming

Yes. Data Quality is time consuming. So what do we do: we hire someone to do that time consuming work for us. Make him responsible for our data.

In this time, when we tell each other that we need personal relationships, one–to-one contact and a 360 view on our customers all these items don’t add up for me. It is our data, which in good health, can make us stand out to the competitor. So why isn’t the data our shared responsibility?

With Salesforce, cloud computing and all these apps which are easily connected, we see that business users are starting to use apps to do their work. Everyone can setup a webinar, send personalized marketing emails and even create websites/apps with drag-n-drop editors. So why is data quality the only app which is still only for the admins?


Easy. Data & data quality is boring and most apps make it even more boring. That is not what we like. At Duplicate Check we think that data quality is a shared responsibility. Only if you know your data, you know your customer completely.

That is why, whenever we built apps for data quality, we keep in mind that it is for the users, so the admin can do more. If every user can do 1 minute of data quality work each day, your data will be your most valuable asset.

Yes. We do have an answer on those 4 bullets and we can definitely empower your administrators and your users to make it a shared responsibility.

Do you want to know how we can help you in your Salesforce adoption and empower your Salesforce administrators to have extra time? Please contact me or my colleagues via info@duplicatecheck.com or have a look on our website; www.duplicatecheck.com

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